Saturday, 16 May 2015

Mini in ways but mega in more

It is, my ducks, time for another minithon, where the snacks and books are "mini" but the piles thereof are not. Also excitement and stuff is large. Usually I write these posts the night before so, you know, pardon ... words.


  • Night Shift, by Stephen King. Mini (short) stories. In every readathon pile, mini or otherwise, I've ever created. I'll finish you yet, Night Shift
  • Annie on my Mind, by Nancy Garden. Young adult (mini humans) and small in size
  • The Tattooed Map, by Barbara Hodgson. Small in size 
  • The Cuckoo's Calling, by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling). It was for a mini amount of time that people believed the author was named Robert Galbraith. (Cormoran Strike, JK? We're on to you.) Also I'm currently reading this, so it's going in the pile

  • Mini tortilla chips to go with the mini pods of guacamole
  • Mini muffins (natch)
  • Mini eggs and M&Ms (also natch)
  • Mini cheese wheel because look at it 
  • Mini tortillas for mini quesadillas
  • Mini quiches that, currently, have a mini amount of time left to bake
Not featured: all the coffee.

Reading companion for the day is still pretty mini at six-months old:

8:25 and still not reading! Ah, minithon, my favourite. Thank you Tika, friend-artiste, for bringing us together this fine May day.


  1. Your mini snacks look wonderful! I love your mini explanations of your mini-themed books. Happy reading!

  2. Hooray for the mini-reasons. And look at the pup's faaaaaaace. Adorable.

  3. YES TO ALL OF THIS! Yayyyy! I have mini eggs but not mini M&Ms and I'm a bit sad about it - this might need to be remedied. And that mini-cheese! Genius!

  4. Mini companion!!!!!! That pup's cuteness is definitely NOT mini.

    Your snack game is strong, as are your explanations.

  5. ANNIE ON MY MIND it's so gay. I enjoyed that book.

  6. Mini quesadillas, MMMMMM. And your mini companion is adorable.

  7. That picture of your dog is amazing.

  8. MOROOOOOOOOOO! I want to smell the puppy breath so baaaaaad.

    I feel like I'm always the most envious of your snacks, out of everyone's snacks, and that tradition continues.

    Also Cuckoo's Calling! I still need to read that!


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