Saturday, 23 November 2013

Obligatory Check-In Post

Not dead -- just busy. 

Here's a gif of Brendan Fraser's infamously awkward clap:

Remember that? That was the best.

Keep on keeping on, internet.

Friday, 1 November 2013

The Post Where IT'S THE LAST ONE

Well, that took a turn.

Welcome to the final post in the wonderful Alley's The Corrections readalong, or, as we've been affectionately calling it on Twitter, the #monthofFranzy. Spoilers ahead. 

Maybe it's the great company (very possible), maybe it's the gripping prose (it's not), or maybe it's coming off a 6 month marareadalongathon (what would Hermione think of The Corrections?), but this went by crazy quickly.

So what happened in this last section? Denise started becoming more comfortable with herself and then was slammed with the knowledge that her father's known all her life she hasn't been perfect. 

Gary, well Gary keeps being Gary (stay the insufferable course, O insufferable one). 

I hesitate to use this GIF, but Gary is every bit as self-satisfied as
Cary Grant here, but without the redeeming quality of being adorable.

Chip finds redemption in caring for his father and knocking up his father's doctor. 

And Enid finds her INNER SOCIOPATH WHAT THE HELL WERE THOSE LAST FEW PAGES?! Alfred's sinking further into depression and dementia, attempting to kill himself multiple times AND EVENTUALLY SUCCEEDING BY THE WAY, and Enid visits him everyday for the sole purpose of tormenting him. I get that he was horrible. I get that the family really couldn't have cared for him at home. But gahhhd. 

That was unpleasant. Is it just me? Was that not the most upsetting part of the book for you guys? Once again I'd really like to know what Franzen's actual motivation was there. How does he want his reader to react? Is he going for a "Yeah, take that, Alfred. You deserve every bit of this," or a "Everyone in the world is horrible and I'm moving to Mars"? I just don't know. Doesn't matter now, because it's over. It's over and suck it, Franzen.

Final thoughts: Even though the ending bummed me RIGHT OUT, I did enjoy reading the book, overall. Will I read another Franzen? I don't know. It might take another readalong.